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Truss Stacking & Conveyor Systems

Our Truss Stacking & Conveyor systems can help decrease your through-put time, increase your productivity, and provide a safer working environment. They can be installed as part of a complete production line, or stand-alone.

Truss Stacking

CII builds both vertical (peak up) and horizontal (flat) stacking systems. These systems can be furnished as an integral part of a complete truss production line, purchased as a stand alone system or engineered to interface with your existing production equipment.

Horizontal Stacker
Our horizontal Model HS universal stacker can be adapted to most production lines. Model HS highlights include

  • Handles irregular bottom chord trusses
  • Stacks on both sides of conveyor (two, three, or four stacking zones)
  • Efficient design minimizes working and wearing components, especially when compared to those inherent in a scissor-lift style design
  • All-electric drive which operates on demand versus hydraulic systems which run continuously (save on that electric bill!)
  • Stacks up to 30 trusses tall
  • Cycle time of approximately 40 seconds
  • Standard “off the shelf” components
  • Sealed roller bearing cam followers
  • Versatile, programmable, stack selection
  • Maximum truss length is unlimited
  • Stacks both “peak-in” and “peak-out”
  • Stack height can be set for specific applications
  • Interfaces with the conveyor system to sense trusses and activate the stacking sequences
  • Electronic panel display indicates condition of stack and diagnostics
  • Chain driven, PLC controlled, vertical and horizontal motion
  • Dual, manual and automated, electrical controls
  • Hand-held remote control available

Multi-Head Vertical Stacker
The Multi-Head Stacker is a vertical style stacker originally designed to work with our Multi-Head Truss Machine for cell manufacturing. This stacker is the key in handling the output of a fast-producing system. Used in conjunction with a special short-run conveyor from the work cell, trusses are delivered to this continuously operating stacker which places them in stacks of a preset quantity. Once this quantity is reached, the completed stack indexes back, and with no interruption another is started. Completed stacks are banded and removed as production and stacking continues.

Systems are available for both trusses and mini-barn frames

Our standard conveyor is a low maintenance walk-thru design; it’s free of belts and chains to hassle with or worry about. Typically, 4-1/2” rollers are spaced at 5 foot centers, with every other roller being powered.

We also offer powered group sections as a lower cost alternative to the walk-thru design; please inquire.