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The Tri-Axis Truss Press

The Tri-Axis Truss Press is a durable and time-tested machine. With over 35 years of production and development, many of our first machines are still in use today!

Though the basic concept of the machine has remained the same, the design & variations have changed greatly throughout the years. We continue to improve upon a good thing! The Tri-Axis Press's popularity can be attributed to its versatility. It can press 2" & 4" thick trusses without any adjustments allowing roof & floor trusses to be built side by side on the same table.

Filling a void in the wall panel equipment industry, we've recently developed a wall-panel sub-component press to handle 4", 6", & 8" sub components. This narrow machine utilizes dual simultaneously pressing cylinders and an air- assisted jigging frame system. Please inquire today!

The Tri-Axis Press has many advantages over roller-gantry style presses, consistently producing straight, high quality trusses. It’s a single-pass machine with up to 63 Tons of pressing power, requiring NO secondary operations such as finishing rollers. Powered by a 20HP motor, the Tri-Axis travels up to 215 feet per minute! The valve package ram settings allow all hydraulic motors to be started and stopped in a smooth, safe, and controlled manner.

Materials are kept where they’re needed, at the workers fingertips and ON the table. Whole boxes of nail plates can typically be set where they’re needed, just as the lumber may be stacked directly on the table. No need to waste labor dollars by having employees who simply “feed” materials to assemblers.

A continuous table allows the entire surface to be used for jigging and pressing. The low table height of 24” allows easy access for workers while the operator/assembler can simply step from the gantry platform to the table top. Again, there is no need for additional “helpers” to stand around waiting for something to do.

With the addition of our Pop-Up ejection system, a 2-3 person crew can easily produce and handle long-span trusses up to 80 Feet in length.

Hydraulic cylinder cycle time is only three seconds but to further speed production, dual cylinder systems are available. One cylinder is typically placed at the bottom chord while the other is quickly positioned via our Patented Joystick Control to press the peak of the truss.

A virtually “trackless” design is achieved by the tracks being located under the table to eliminate tripping and access hazards.

Each machine is custom-made to order with our standard table widths of 12’, 14’, 15’, and 16’ (narrower widths are available upon request). Tables can be unlimited in length, even multiple machines can operate on the same table. Options include 7” (50 Ton) or 8” (63 Ton) cylinders, single or dual cylinders, 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive, continuous or walk-through tables, dual platforms, roof & floor truss jigging, laser projection systems, table surfaces, etc.