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The Multi-Head Truss Press

The Clark Industries, Inc. Multi-Head Truss Pressing System is your key to the fast production of high-volume trusses. If you often make ten or more of the same truss and you don’t have the Clark Industries Multi-Head, re-think your current method.

This system is especially excellent for modular, manufactured, & mobile home manufacturers, pole-barn builders, poultry barn builders, mini-barn builders, garage builders, or anyone who typically has runs of ten or more of the same truss. Discover truss production speeds that you have always wanted but never been able to obtain. Typical results are as follows:

  • Three people can make up to one truss a minute
  • Average 45 trusses per hour up to 40ft in length
  • 45 second production of mini-barn truss frames with only two people

Features & Benefits include:

  • “Cell” manufacturing & easy working height
  • Arms-reach accessibility to lumber & plates
  • Simultaneous 4-second nail plate pressing
  • Automatic “missed plate” sensor system
  • Quick set-ups for standard trusses
  • Automatic opening heads for fast & easy truss removal
  • 20 & 40 Tons of pressing power!
  • Manual or automated ejection & stacking systems

The Clark Industries, Inc. Multi-Head Truss system can be configured into many different set-ups for example:

  • Typical Truss Manufacturing
  • Mini-Barn Truss Frame System
  • Typical Truss Manufacturing
  • Stand-Alone Hips & Jack Stations
  • Tailor made to meet your specific needs such as mono, 1/2 truss, mobile/modular roofs, etc.

Pressing heads are easily moved on mounted tracks and/or free-standing “floating” bases. Actual hovercraft style floating design with secure vacuum lock-down at the flip of a switch insures simple head placement. A combination of fixed rails, hinged rails for scissors, and additional “floating” heads assures the capacity to handle almost any truss. When used in conjunction with an overhead laser projection system you can achieve and exceed your production goals with minimal labor, equipment costs, space requirements, and no additional finishing equipment.

Key points of our Mini-Barn Truss Frame System:

  • Quick set-ups to produce standard 8’ to 12’ wide frames (Gable or Gambrel roof)
  • 45 second frame production w/ only two employees
  • Manual or automatic ejection & stacking
  • Stacker will accommodate two full bundles of trusses before needing to be unloaded
  • Minimal space requirements

Our Hips & Jacks Multi-Head System is your best solution for getting those hard-to-do and “junk trusses” off your main table. Systems can be arranged with a single head or up to three. Jigging, fixturing, and automatic air-clamping features included just as with any of our systems and of course, 20/ 40 Tons of pressing power!